A little bit about me

I’m a Colombian singer songwriter who began the journey with words and melodies at the age of 11 , I like to think that I live one song at the time so I’ve written more than I can even remember as life passes and times change .

Most of my work remains unpublished since I’ve always been a real June’s crab .  Like many writers  since my childhood I was always puzzled by the the human mind , trying to paint pictures , fill in blanks and explain the the meaning of existence with music as my only compass and canvas  . These days we live and love happily in the here and now , which is part of the meaning behind my upcoming single .

“Hold me tight ” is a song of self assurance of getting in touch with your inner child , with your essence . It’s about living without self fabricated instructions , enjoying the present and stop measuring and longing for the past , or feeling overwhelmed with the future just like children do , staying curious and welcoming adventures . It’s about loving freely and stop trying to define ourselves or the other people around . since life is always changing and we are literally a new person every day .

On the professional front , I studied classical music and jazz in Colombia , Cuba  and the United States , which became my home base since the year 2000 , and lived in Miami since 2005 . I’ve worked with several producers for both my projects  and as a studio musician since 2004 , for artists like Alejandro Sanz, among others .  Also , worked doing radio commercials and spots for several companies for over 15 years, as well as vocal coaching .

My main and favorite gig though ,  has been working as a creative force at “ Spiral Monkey Music Group ” company I founded with full stack producer and husband JP Gasca since 2011 . Working in concept development and writing and co – writing with a wide variety of  artists  from Mexico , US , Argentina , Panama , and Colombia . while also working on my own projects .

Well there you have it folks thanks for being curious